Case IH Agriculture

Case IH offers a wide variety of tractors. Case IH tractor models are grouped into 'families' such as Farmall, Maxxum, Puma, Magnum and Steiger. These famous names are testament to Case IH's proud heritage of delivering efficient and powerful tractors.

Farmall Series

Manoeuvrability, compact dimensions, ease of operation and a high power-to-weight ratio

Maxxum Series

Every year, a growing world demands more food, more fibre, more fuel and you get to produce it with less land, less resources and a greater focus on sustainability. Case IH is there to help you be ready with people who work alongside you to understand your operation and your needs. We’re there with equipment designed to help you get more done and do it more efficiently. For example, livestock producers, row-crop farmers and mixed-farm enterprises can count on the Maxxum tractors to be ready for the seasons ahead.

Puma Series

Big iron power and performance in a versatile, mid-size tractor

Optum Series

This range is powerful, compact and highly manoeuvrable with excellent powerto-weight-ratio.

Magnum Series

Magnum Series tractors combine performance, comfort and reliability.

Steiger Series

Your life is all about growing things — crops, livestock, your business, even your family. For 60 years, Steiger series tractors have helped producers like you get more from the job in demanding conditions — and do it all in comfort. Every year, Case IH is committed to finding new ways to help you maximise your yield potential and return on investment, while at the same time minimising your fuel and fluid consumption, work hours and stress. Everything on a farm makes a difference, and it all needs to work together. And once it works, Steiger looks for how it can work even better.